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Speaking Multiple Languages to Sell Peacock Feathers

An Incredible Talent in Rural India

This video is about Kaalu who lives in Gwalior Fort and believe it or not... he is an illiterate child who can speak six foreign languages fluently. Fortunately I met him while visiting the Fort and he proposed to be our tour guide. I was impressed and amazed when he started speaking in English with an american accent but was stumped when he shared that he can also speak Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian as well.

Believe it or not... he is just a 10 yrs old boy who has never been to a school!

Questions You Dare Not Ask Yourself (www nirmitinidra com)

No one can answer these questions for you, except you yourself!  To find the answers, access your subconscious.  Nirmiti Nidra is an easy, effortless way to access your subconscious....